The company's main businesses are project management services, consulting services EPC project construction services, while providing users with quality consulting services and after-sales protection.

Professional service and the pursuing of excellence are the work style of SystraSolar; from the customer's standpoint, providing high-quality service is the root of SystraSolar; controlling quality and becoming a good partner for customers is the sign of SystraSolar's development.

Moreover, the company has organized related personnel to visit customers regularly, organized user training and related products lectures regularly, giving customer’s perfect guidance of our products from the technology and experience.

Systrasolar has developed rapidly in recent years, and it has become a powerful local company and trading company. It maintains a leading position in project management and work efficiency.


Since the good start to 2013, our management has been actively planning to develop the high-growth models of the various economic indicators, through the cooperation of corporate teams, sales has been growing steadily.


To this end, whether investors or employees of the enterprise have been satisfied with the work of the return. Relying on our strong development and brand advantages, we always adhere to the integrity, pragmatic, efficient spirit of the company, with the courage to contribute to the community and return to the public. In the future, we believe that SystraSolar will achieve a better scale in the future, with strong hardware facilities and excellent management talents in a good environment.

In the spirit of "progress,never stops, there is no reason for customer satisfaction!" We will strive for the healthy development of new energy and modern ecological environment industry. Let us work with the excellent project management, excellent service quality and you to create a better future.