China's solar power demand in 2018 or to 29-35GW

Source : 未知      Time : 2018-06-21 14:53

The TrendForce's green energy research department also said China's demand would not be reduced to 29 GW to 35 GW if the government had not decided to limit its support for new solar projects this year.

The new photovoltaic policy announced in May 31, 2018 has set a 10 gigawatt ceiling for distributed generation projects, and cancelled the public utility scale solar target of the year. It is expected that the bidding will replace the network electricity price (FiT) system. At the same time, the central government also hopes to leave behind solar energy support in the provinces.

EnergyTrend warned that due to changes in China's policies, the oversupply of photovoltaic (PV) industry will become more serious. The price has begun to fall.

The research company expects global solar energy to drop by 5% to 8%. It is expected that the new market will not emerge until 2019, and the market demand will not return to 100GW.

Original title: in 2018, China's solar demand fell to 29-35 gigawatts.
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