Optionally antireflective glass
Increased light transmittance by 2% of normal illumination Increase the efficiency of component 2% Life over 25 years

Battery sheet

Exquisite craftsmanship of Shu Wang Ensure efficient photoelectric conversion capability


Highly transparent EVA film and UV cut-off EVA film perfect combination, greatly enhance the component power. Good optical performance, light transmittance (380-1100mm) > 91% Excellent material compatibility, good adhesion to materials such as glass, metal, backboard and long-term maintenance. The best operability, easy stacking, short lamination time and high efficiency.

All imported coated back plate

The White / Black / transparent option is that PET is used as the intermediate base material, and the water vapor permeability of PET is enhanced by more than 2 times that of ordinary PET. Both sides are EVA coating and fluorinated coating, respectively. High reflectivity and strong cohesiveness of EVA masks The fluorinated coating has strong UV blocking and has excellent long-term weathering resistance.


Silver and black optional Improve the bearing capacity and prolong the service life